8 interesting things about India you may not know yet (Part 1)

For many people, India is a country famous for traffic jams, slums or bureaucracy. But this is also where only 3% of people pay taxes, people like to be praised for weight gain, newspapers are still very popular and many humorous superstitions.

Here are 10 interesting things about India that you may not know through observation of BBC correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan.

1. Almost no one pays taxes

As a country of 1.2 billion people, only about 3% of Indians pay taxes. One explanation for this phenomenon is tax-free agriculture, while two-thirds of Indians live in the countryside. Occupying a large proportion of the economy is informal and spontaneous labor activities, making it more difficult to collect taxes.

2. Detective marriage

In India, there is a long-standing and thriving service that is a marriage detective. Because more and more girls know their boyfriends online and marry their parents they don’t know well, to make sure the future bridegroom is a decent house, before marrying the parents, the bride often hires detectives. learn about the groom’s identity.

The number of companies providing services in India is growing extremely fast, with about 15,000 companies operating.

3. Paper newspapers are still in vogue

While in many countries, especially in the West, paper newspapers are dying, in India the printing industry is still thriving. The fact that more and more people are literate, the rate of internet usage is low and the fact that there are so many languages ​​exists also makes many people still want to read their own newspaper. Meanwhile, paper prices are very cheap.

Notably, the old newspaper market is also very developed. You can resell old newspapers and magazines to road collectors, and they will sell them to those who are willing to read the publications published all year ago, as long as they are cheaper than the new ones.