8 interesting things about India you may not know yet (Part 2)

4. India was once an island

India used to be a continent. More than 100 million years ago, in the period of dinosaurs, India was an island that broke out from an ancient supercontinent called Gondwanaland (named after Gondwana, a forest in central India), and moved slowly. North. Evidence is that fossilized shells are found in high mountains.

5. This is a young country

There is a long history of history, but India is a young nation of population. More than half of the 1.2 billion people here are under the age of 25 and two-thirds are under 35. Many Indian young people have a sense of confidence in their country and not too “Western”. In Mumbai, New York’s no-nonsense musical atmosphere in Brooklyn is packed with young talent.

6. Everyone likes to gain weight

“Oh, you just weighed up,” is a very common social compliment among close friends, because it is seen as a sign that you look healthy. But one thing is clear: India is also about to face obesity (not only in humans but also in animals).

If you stop at any repair station you can also see long lines of Indians gobbling up McDonalds or other fast food. While millions of people in rural areas are facing hunger, urban residents are generally facing weight problems.

7. Pavement economy

Anyone who has been to India, even for a few days, will see the flourishing of the sidewalk toad service. Whatever you want to buy, go to the sidewalk. Broken umbrella? There will be a repairman. Need to stick shoe soles? Just call someone who comes to the house to serve. You want to cut hair? There are many options, including services for earwax and pedicure cleaning.

These are traditional services for centuries and continue to thrive. Only one obstacle that could make him lose is the clearance of the sidewalk by the government.

8. Don’t wear new clothes on Saturday

India is the birthplace of many world-renowned scientists and engineers, but all scientific arguments are “thrown through the window” when it comes to superstitious things like: not wearing new clothes on Saturday , do not sweep the house in the evening because it may make Lakshmi afraid to run away, or will it be unfortunate to give or receive something measured with her left hand. For many Indians, regardless of wealth and wealth, adherence to these customs is still part of life.