Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part 3)

Here we continue to checklist some must-see landscapes in India. If you have opportunity to visit here, you shouldn’t miss beautiful destinations like our recommendation as following.

6, The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats is voted for one of the best world heritage sites by UNESCO. It takes pride for the Indian to all foreigner.

It is located on six states and two plateaus which makes biological diversities as well natural beauties. Discovering the Western Ghats will bring interesting experiences for someone loving adventure.

It is spread parallel of the east western coastline. When coming there, you can explore the nightlife in Mumbai, walking caves in Karla and Bhaja or enjoy beaches in Goa in nightlife. 

The fact, there are series of places to discover here. So, you should choose some outstanding destinations for your favorite to save time.

7, The Coastal Plains

Coming India, you don’t not only see beauties in mountains or hills, beaches in there are also beautiful and charming. The coastal plains are one of destination for your trip.

It is combined and exchanged beauty of the western and eastern coastline, so it brings special and enticing landscapes. It is deserved to be an interesting spot for visit.

There are some activities you can explore at here like: kayaking the exquisite backwaters through a boat to explore beautiful beaches along coast of Kumarakom. Then you can visit the Solar observatory or awe-inspiring spots from the ocean to visit stunning coastline or Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari so on.

All landscapes in the coastal plains are romantic and peaceful. You can forget all stress from the busy life. So, it is a deserved destination for people in a long holiday, especially new couples in their honeymoon. Sure that it is a memorial event.

Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part2)

If you intend to visit India, you should prepare series of places you will enjoy then set up suitable time for your trip.

The fact, India is large and own series of landscapes, so you can’t checklist enough places in short time. It’s better not to miss some outstanding places must-try in India. Now, we continue to recommend top the best landscape in India for your trip. You can reference to choose some interesting places.

4, The Thar Desert

It is located between boundaries of India and Pakistan. 

Some documents point out that it is about 4000 to 10000 years old, therefore it brings ancient beauties as well historical culture.

It is being spread about 2,00,00 spare kilometers, so it covers a major part of Rajasthan to Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

When coming here, you can explore some historical places like the royal Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur or getting neww experience camel safaris, parasailing, paramotoring, dune basking or quad biking in Jaisalmer. You also can visit the Jallianwala Bagh and the Golden Temple. 

In general, there are vast places to make a tour to the Thar Deset. Coming here, you can see one strange beauty of India which is natural and ancient.

5, The Eastern Ghats

It is located between the Bay of Bengal and the Deccan Plateau, it is an impressive range of mountains for your discovery.

The Eassern Ghats attract vistors by its natural flora and majestic landscapes. 

When visiting here, you can walk or trekking to the Tiger Hills in Darijeeling. It is an interesting experience for any trekker. Then you visit wildlife in Sundarban, explore the Araku Valeey to discover the fresh tea plantations. You also capture scenic views in the Nilgiri Railway or the Dodabetta. There are much more landscapes for your trip.

Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part 1)

India is a special country in Asia because it has rich history about traditions and customs. When you visit India, you can imagine a part about the human life from many years ago. In this article, we will discuss top best landscapes in India which you must-see in your trip to this nation. 

When you check-in the following list, it means you come India.

1, The Himalayan mountain range

The Himalayan mountain is well-known in the global because of the enthralling and natural beauty. 

It is located and stretched in continuous 5 states: Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim. You can feel generous and majestic of the nature.

This mountain range deserves to become one of the hottest spots to discover in India. There are series of entertainment services you can try at there, for example: riding around the Dai Lake by bike, motorbike or ricing cars, or trekking to Triund, river rafting, so on. 

If you are a fan of adventurous trip, you should try it.

2, The Indo-Gangetic Plains

If you don’t like the height, you can choose location in the foothills of Himalayan mountain, it is the Indo-Gangetic Plains which also covers some beautiful landscapes in this nation.

The fact, this place is very large located in other areas like Uttarakhand, Bhutan, West Bengal…

Some outdoor activities you can visit this place like visiting the wildlife at Jim Corbett or trekking around Nanda Devi or even going river rafting in Nameri national part, so on…

The fact, you can combine trip by walking and by sea to discover all landscapes of the Indo-Gangetic Plains.

3, The Highlands

The highlands bring vivid landscapes around India which are completely different from other landscapes.

It’s great to discover the architectural beauty of Gwalior Fort or visit some historical places in Jaipur. It looks royal and ancient.

Traditional foods in India (Part 3)

Visiting India is one of the best destination for any traveler. There are series of stunning views and landscapes bringing value about culture, history, custom as well the local.

One of thing you should get experience in India is traditional food. It is always recommended and available at almost tourist area as well the local street. If you are still confusing whether which food should try in India, following our advices:

8, Beef roast and parotta

This meal is a traditional food in Kerala. Beef cookery is the most favorite food of the local. They use it as the main ingredient in many foods.

They consider that presence of beef in cuisine will inspire positive feeling for taste and emotion of eater.

Beef roast and parotta is one of the most famous foot at there made from beef. Using some slice of bread makes perfect flavor for this meal.

9, Smoked Pork

Going to the Northeast in India, you have opportunities to discover special things about cuisine.

Sure that it creates a culinary adventure for any visitor.

One of the most special food in there is smoked pork. It is made from bamboo plants and raja mirchi. Mirchi is a special chili. It is extremely hot so someone can eat spicy food, it’s a good recommendation.

You can use smoked pork with rice. It’s perfect combination.

10, Dhokla

India is famous for the Buddhism, so the local people prefer to eating vegetarian snacks. Even, they can eat it in the daily life. This is the reason why Indian people are healthy and strong. They usually have longer longevity than others compared with other nations in the world.

One of the favorite vegetarian food is Dhokla. It is made from natural material like rice and chickpeas.

To cook it, recipe is very simple. When rice batter is fermented, it is mixed with chickpeas. To decorate it tastily, it can use a little garnish and mustard seed colorfully.

Traditional foods in India

India is famous for value of culture and tradition. One of aspect you should discover and try when visiting this country is traditional foods.

In this article, we will continue to discuss some Indian traditional foods you must try. It will motivate your trip more meaningful and impressive.

5/ Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag

Two meals are favorited at the Punjab region. Although it has not good decoration, it is still popular by the rich flavor, nutritive value and delicious taste.

Makki ki roti is made from corn flour bread whereas saron ka saag has ingredients from mustard leaf. Once eating it, people feel sweet and delicious.

6/ Tunde ke Kabab

Tunde ke Kabab is a traditional food from the Awadhi region. It has origin from the Lucknow made frm minced beat. This meal is famous when it has combination around 150 different spices to create a special flavor.

As normal, cookers use buffalo meat as the major ingredient. Sometimes, they choose other kinds of meat like chicken, mutton to make variety for the recipe.

7/ Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a street food in Maharashtra in India which contributes to make special culture of the resident. Furthermore, this food plays an important role to make various for the local gastronomy.

The main ingredients comprise of potato patty, chili, bread and some spices. The bread roll will cover outside all other ingredient so it is called as pav.

In the first impression, vada pav looks a simple snack which is easy to eat and buy at any restaurant or street shop. The price of vada pav is extremely reasonable so it is popular and widespread for anyone in the India.

If you are a foreign visitor, you shouldn’t miss this meal. Sure that you can understand more about lifestyle of the local.

Traditional foods in India

Indian food is one of the most interest you should discover when travel to there. Through traditional Indian food, someone can understand more culture as well culinary style of India.

The same diversity in culture and linguistics through various places, Indian food has difference from place to place which has own unique.

Therefore, you should try top traditional Indian dishes as our following recommendation when coming this nation.

1/ Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is made from rice which is a cuisine material in almost dishes of the Indian. It has origin from the coastal Karnataka. Then it also becomes a famous dish at this area.

To make Masala Dosa, process is very simple. It includes rice, lentils being soaked in water within 5 or 6 hours, and potato or onion curry.

2/ Rogan Josh

The truth that Rogan Josh is an aromatic lamb curry which is famous in Kashmir. This meal is an adored dish at all the nations.

Actually, recipe to cook Rogan Josh can be different from place to place. But the major taste and essence are similar.

3/ Hyderabadi biriyani

Hyderabadi Biriyani is made from some basic ingredients like rice, meat, yogurt and onions to create a punchy flavor.

It’s easy to try and normally used as a daily dish. Sometime people can choose lamb or chicken to replace for this meal more interestingly.

4/ Indian chaats

Indian chaats are the street food which is called as savoury snacks. A combo of chaats consist of puffed rice, peas, kachori, pani puri, bhel puri, masala puri, vegetables and spices.

It has origin from the North India, then spreading to other places and other corners of India. It’s common sense when you try chaats one time, then you prefer to try it more.

Top the most popular sports in India

In this article, we continue to share top the most popular sports in the daily life of the Indian people.

The truth that India is famous for high rankings of some sports at the international tournaments such as cricket, football, tennis. As a good reason why they have ever reached good achievements in sports because they usually practice sports when they still are young. Someone don’t tend to develop pro career of athletes but they prefer playing sports in daily life. People to people can inspire feeling each other about positive energy of sports. Therefore, the local always love their lives with sports.

In the last article, we already share cricket and hockey as the first two sports in their favorite ranking. Following it to find more sports at India:

3/ Football

As almost nations in Asia, football is also a popular sport in India. Estimated that the local will follow football competitions all over the world with craziness, happiness and expectation. Even, some people are ready to pay cost to visit by the naked eye some important football matches.

The Indian also are proud of football when they own a former FIFA president, called as Sepp Blatter. He is described as a sleeping giant because he has big contribution to develop football in the world as well in his country.

India also own many famous players so that some European football teams decide to invest transfer contracts up to millions of dollar to get talented players for big clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Real Madrid.

4/ Kabaddi

Kabaddi has become to the center stage in sports in India recently although it is considered as a traditional sport from many years.

It has been origin from some rural areas then continued to introduce and develop wide to new places. This sport is welcome and obvious popularity throughout the nations.

Top the most popular sports in India

Sports play an important role in culture and custom of India. Through growth of sports, we can see easily development accordingly of culture.

In this article, we share top the most popular sports in India currently. The truth that India has contributed a talent list of famous athletes all the time. So, from normal sports, they practice and develop it in higher level then reach good rewards.

Following our article if you are interested to discover new aspect in culture in India.

1/ Cricket

The popularity of cricket in India is well-known widely in the global when they usually keep in top ranking of the best cricket in international competitions such as World Cup, Cricket League so on. They always compete with other potential components for the winning such as Brazil and Argentina

The fact that India have ever dominated cricket globally by reaching many champions from the 1983 World Cup to the 2013 Champions Trophy in 2013. These achievements are valuable because it is top prizes internationally.

Furthermore, cricket is usually played in daily life in Indian society. Therefore, anyone can play cricket normally, they should be revered and happy in the life.

2/ Hockey

The national Indian sport has still dominated hockey in Olympics during many times with over eight gold medals.

Although hockey has been declined recently, this sport is considered as one of the most popular sports all the time. The Government encourage the local to play hockey as a daily exercise to improve health and fitness in group.

Besides hockey competition in Olympics which is the biggest festival, hockey has other international leagues held in India. For example, FIH is the international tournament recognized by the Federation of International Hockey. It is annually held in India for top players from all nations

Tips you should know when travel to India

Recently, people tend to travel to India more. The main reason is that it is a natural nation with a variety of culture and tradition to discover. As a hot trend, the young prefer discovering new scenic spots like India.

Although this is an attractive destination, there are some risks or accidents you should know to have a safe trip. Following this article, we share tips must-see when travel to India.

4/ Should bring a camera as necessary item

If you miss pictures at India, your trip becomes less interesting. So many photographers claim that India is a heaven to see and capture great views and landscapes like dreams. You shouldn’t miss this chance to have nice pictures for your memory.

Your camera looks like a small diary to take note amazing moments, new experience as well sweet feeling when you visit India. Even only a little boy picks up fruit and run across may become a nice picture when you see again. Maybe in this trip, you are too busy and surprising to see new views, you can’t feel full beauty of these destinations. Picture or video is a great way to save your mind when you return your home.

5/ Should bring cash

The fact that, almost big supermarkets accept to transfer by credit cards, other small shops or street restaurants only transact by cash. So, it’s better to bring cash during the trip. It’s more convenient to pay for cabs or taxi or foods at markets.

Going to bustling shops should be highly recommended when you come here. It is considered as paradise for lives of the Indian people. However, they only transact by cash.

In addition, paying by Indian currency helps you understand more about kind of currency as well meaning of symbol on it.  

Tips you should know when travel to India

India is a beautiful country, including culture, landscape, custom and even the local. When travel to India, you can discover a wide range of knowledge about diversity of the human life.

To prepare your trip safely, you should know some special things in India. Following this article to know tips for any foreigner to go to India.

1/ Make plan for your trip before action

India own a various range of bustling destinations without missing attractions. However, they are located along this nation from majestic temples to natural landmarks or beaches and cities. It’s better that you make a plan detail where you should go during travel. You should spend time to explore stunning beauty at some specific landscapes rather than wasting time to travel all places. It wastes time and makes you tired.

There are some famous destinations like recommendations: the Golden Triangle as a taste of classic, Delhi, Agra or Jaipur, the Goa’s coast, Mumbai so on.

2/ Be careful about what you eat

India is a developing country therefore there are many street restaurants. Although it is a special thing in its cuisine but it’s better you should avoid street food carts, including curries and street-side snacks to have a good health for the trip.

In general, the street food carts are not complied with strict health codes of the Government so it can contain harmful components for your body. You only should eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the famous restaurants or hotel.

3/ Book a reliable hotel

We can’t deny that some great cities can be dangerous about safety, security or depriving. So, to avoid being robbed, you should stay in a reputable hotel where they can support for the foreigners to solve all problems related. Good hotels also offer good services about dining, spacious room or English-speaking staff to support you.