Top the most popular sports in India

In this article, we continue to share top the most popular sports in the daily life of the Indian people.

The truth that India is famous for high rankings of some sports at the international tournaments such as cricket, football, tennis. As a good reason why they have ever reached good achievements in sports because they usually practice sports when they still are young. Someone don’t tend to develop pro career of athletes but they prefer playing sports in daily life. People to people can inspire feeling each other about positive energy of sports. Therefore, the local always love their lives with sports.

In the last article, we already share cricket and hockey as the first two sports in their favorite ranking. Following it to find more sports at India:

3/ Football

As almost nations in Asia, football is also a popular sport in India. Estimated that the local will follow football competitions all over the world with craziness, happiness and expectation. Even, some people are ready to pay cost to visit by the naked eye some important football matches.

The Indian also are proud of football when they own a former FIFA president, called as Sepp Blatter. He is described as a sleeping giant because he has big contribution to develop football in the world as well in his country.

India also own many famous players so that some European football teams decide to invest transfer contracts up to millions of dollar to get talented players for big clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Real Madrid.

4/ Kabaddi

Kabaddi has become to the center stage in sports in India recently although it is considered as a traditional sport from many years.

It has been origin from some rural areas then continued to introduce and develop wide to new places. This sport is welcome and obvious popularity throughout the nations.

Top the most popular sports in India

Sports play an important role in culture and custom of India. Through growth of sports, we can see easily development accordingly of culture.

In this article, we share top the most popular sports in India currently. The truth that India has contributed a talent list of famous athletes all the time. So, from normal sports, they practice and develop it in higher level then reach good rewards.

Following our article if you are interested to discover new aspect in culture in India.

1/ Cricket

The popularity of cricket in India is well-known widely in the global when they usually keep in top ranking of the best cricket in international competitions such as World Cup, Cricket League so on. They always compete with other potential components for the winning such as Brazil and Argentina

The fact that India have ever dominated cricket globally by reaching many champions from the 1983 World Cup to the 2013 Champions Trophy in 2013. These achievements are valuable because it is top prizes internationally.

Furthermore, cricket is usually played in daily life in Indian society. Therefore, anyone can play cricket normally, they should be revered and happy in the life.

2/ Hockey

The national Indian sport has still dominated hockey in Olympics during many times with over eight gold medals.

Although hockey has been declined recently, this sport is considered as one of the most popular sports all the time. The Government encourage the local to play hockey as a daily exercise to improve health and fitness in group.

Besides hockey competition in Olympics which is the biggest festival, hockey has other international leagues held in India. For example, FIH is the international tournament recognized by the Federation of International Hockey. It is annually held in India for top players from all nations

The legendary Indian ultramarathon athlete Al Howie (Part 3)

In 1983, Howie ran from Winnipeg to the Canadian parliament in the capital Ottawa. He was bitten by a black fly when he left town in Wawa, Ontario, causing a swollen face.

A beer company sponsors US $ 100 a day and gives it a try for free if the runner wears a shirt and hat with a company logo. An insider estimates Howie drinks 18 of their beers each day.

In the same year, Howie finished first in a 100 kilometer race in Toronto in 7 hours and 30 minutes, 31 seconds, nearly 90 minutes faster than the previous record. His strategy in such long-running races was very simple. It is running at a speed that can blot your feet from the first kilometer to discourage others.

In 1987, Howie ran 1,422 around Centennial Stadium, Victoria University, taking 104 hours 29 minutes 48 seconds to break the longest continuous running record that belonged to a Swedish runner. When it was announced he was successful, he still ran 18 more rounds to prevent confusion.

In 1988, Howie ran from John o’Groats, Scotland, to Land’s End in Cornwall, England, 11 days and 3 hours and 18 minutes, 22 hours faster than the previous record. However, this achievement was later surpassed.

In 1989, Howie became the first runner to complete the New York Sri Chinmoy Ultramarathon 1,300 miles (2,100 kilometers) with a time of 17 days 8 hours 25 minutes 34 seconds, still within the limit of 18 days. After more than 14 days of sleeping less than 4 hours a night, Howie rewarded herself with a 6-hour sleep and woke up in time to welcome the second.

On June 21, 1991, Howie began his journey across Canada estimated at 7,295.5 kilometers. He started from Mile 0 in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador province. Mayor St. John’s runs with Howie in the first kilometer.

The summer sun burned his lips in just a few days. His lips went black and began to peel. Then, Howie wears pants, a long sleeve shirt when running, covering a homemade cover over his nose. He looked no different from a child dressed up as a penguin.

The legendary Indian ultramarathon athlete Al Howie (Part 2)

In 1991, Howie ran through Canada for 72 days, a record unmatched for nearly three decades. Two weeks after the journey of life, Howie set a world record at the Sri Chinmoy marathon in New York City, running 1,300 miles, or about 2,100 kilometers, in 16 days.

Howie lived secretly in the following years. He had many health problems, including diabetes, but he often ran from Duncan to Victoria to handle personal problems and then run back.

Beasley describes when the two were chatting at Duncan, Howie wasn’t excited about everything except running.

‘Crazy’ runs

One day, when his colleagues debated how long a horse would run from Toronto to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Ontario, Howie insisted he could do it in a day. His colleagues mocked him, but soon after, he successfully conquered the 125-kilometer challenge.

After moving to a mill at a copper mine in Vancouver Island, BC, 20 kilometers from home, Howie chose to walk to work.

Howie’s actions were quickly noticed by the BC press. While people drive, fly by plane, bus to remote cities, Howie runs, simply because it is cheap. He often slept under the stars.

Al Howie is athletic, because his father is a boxer and his mother is a swimmer. As a child, he was trained from moving with his family to long distances by walking. Photo: Handout.

Al Howie is athletic, because his father is a boxer and his mother is a swimmer. As a child, he was trained from moving with his family to long distances by walking.

In 1978, Howie ran 500 kilometers from Victoria to Port Hardy, the northernmost point of Vancouver Island, to raise funds for charity.

In 1979, Howie ran from Victoria to Prince George to attend the marathon.

In 1980, Howie finished third in the Edmonton marathon before running back to Vancouver Island and finishing the Royal Victoria Marathon in 14th place.

The Indian Premier League Faces A Crisis Because Of Clean Water

Protesters burned goods and shoved them to police outside Chennai’s cricket court in order to demand a cancellation of the IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket matches when the southern city was in turmoil panic of clean water.

According to the Daily Mail, hundreds of protesters, including those wearing black T-shirts and carrying black bubbles, gathered near the stadium, chanted slogans before the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. The situation forced the police to try to put protesters on buses parked outside Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu state), where the Chennai Super Kings Club was about to play their first match at home when serving a 2-year sentence for illegal betting is lifted.

It can be said that the IPL popularity for tourism attracted millions of tourists to India during the IPL 2020 events in particular. However, with these uncertainties, it is not suitable to travel in India. Many demonstrations in Chennai in recent weeks have involved a dispute with neighboring Karnataka over how to share water from the Cauvery River, a hot issue in southern India. AFP quoted a protester as saying: “We want all 67 IPL cricket matches in Chennai to be postponed until our requests are met. We also call for the audience to boycott the match”.

The Chennai government has proposed to move the venue for IPL matches out of Chennai to avoid protests and pledged to ensure security if IPL still holds local matches. A police spokesman in Tamil Nadu told AFP that there were about 4,000 police officers who would be on duty around the stadium. They would watch everywhere to make sure nothing bad happens.

According to the schedule, the stadiums in Chennai will host IPL matches between April and May. Super Kings also inform their fans about not being allowed to carry cell phones, bags, and Other electronic devices to enter the yard. Meanwhile, some politicians in Chennai have criticized the organization of IPL cricket matches at a time of heightened sensitivity. Movie star Rajinikanth was also involved in the controversial issue, calling on cricket fans to support the protesters.

The legendary Indian ultramarathon athlete Al Howie (Part 1)

The late Canadian running leg Al Howie is considered an “ultramarathon legend” with incredible achievements and distances.

Al Howie, born in 1945 in Scotland, and his son to Canada in the early 1970s. He has a habit of smoking three packs of cigarettes a day. Howie later became one of the great long-distance runners in Canadian history. Howie’s story is so interesting that Jared Beasley, a journalist in New York, was attracted to the news. Beasley released the book “Deciphering Al Howie”.

The short marriage with an American woman made Howie become a rooster to raise children. While the two were still fighting for custody of the children, Howie took young boy Gabe to Toronto – the home of the woman he lived with. Because of this, he was wanted by Interpol on charges of kidnapping, and had to temporarily change his name until his dispute with his ex-wife was resolved. Here, in the winter he works in a foundry, in the summer he works in a quarry.

Howie had a daughter, Dana, in 1976 but the relationship with the woman living with each other worsened. He moved to Victoria, British Columbia (BC), in 1978, and started running long distances, sometimes from one city to another. He married Claudia Cole in 1986 and divorced in 2000, then moved to Duncan, BC, to treat diabetes since 2005.

Smoking three packs a day shows that this is a difficult habit to quit. One day, when he felt uncomfortable with cravings, Howie began to walk quickly on the street. He walked about 16 kilometers and stopped.

“I decided to jog to get rid of my bad habits,” he said. Running daily helps reduce cravings.

The distance Howie runs is getting longer. Howie’s first race took place in 1979 in the city of Prince George, BC, with a marathon. Howie ran 820 kilometers from Victoria to Prince George, not taking a ferry, to take the contest and finished third.

Howie’s performance was partly shocking because he was nothing like a runner.

The first professional female surfing athlete in India (Part 2)

In addition to the difficulty of transmitting surfing to the people, Malaviya also faces many limitations such as meager economic resources, opposition from family and relatives.

She had to resell her sewing machine and exercise machine to get enough money to buy used boards. After that, she and her boyfriend sold sports shoes for additional costs.

Over the years, Shaka Surf has created a community to share the passion for surfing and engage with each other through the sport.

In addition to surfing, participants also experience other disciplines such as breakdancing, skateboarding, yoga and the martial arts Capoeira. Malaviya also often organizes sports workshops, survival skills at the local school.

“When we first started, everyone thought we were losing our minds and wasting our time in the beach,” Malaviya said.

Help poor children and change negative views surf women

Due to physical constraints, children in the suburbs often have less access to education and are taught survival knowledge for themselves. That leads to the children here often have low self-esteem compared to their peers living in the city.

In addition to the practice hours, she and her students assist the local authorities in cleaning up rubbish on the beach, building toilets, calling on volunteers to paint the school and helping the school escape the scene was closed due to low enrollment rates.

Her club has also raised money to help some children who have financial difficulties can go to school.

Besides, she also desires to promote Konkan beach to become a famous surfing spot in the world. “We welcome people of all ages, all genders and any country to us,” the female surfing athlete said.

In 2014, a surfing documentary called “Beyond The Surface” was made based on the lives of Malaviya and other female surf athletes. This film contributed to the equality of men and women in India.

Malaviya calls for equality for women through surfing

Thanks to her contributions in changing the negative view of surfing, Malaviya became one of the Indian women to be honored in the 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 in the entertainment and sports category.

The first professional female surfing athlete in India (Part 1)

Not only helping coastal children improve their survival skills, Ishita Malaviya also wants to change the negative view of surfing for women.

Ishita Malaviya (from Mumbai) defies the objections of her parents and those around her to become the first female surfing athlete in India.

She now runs the surf club Shaka Surf and a camp called Namaloha on the coast of Karnataka, India. In addition, she is the image ambassador for surfing fashion brand Roxy.

Ishita Malaviya became the inspiration for many Indian women

In the face of gender discrimination in India, girls do not have too many perks for themselves nor are they legally protected. The fact that a girl is wearing a bikini and surfing in the middle of the sea is a strange and strange image to Indian people.

Malaviya’s journey inspired many women in India – who are victims of sexism – to dare to fight and fulfill their dreams.

From a student journalism to a surfing athlete

Ishita Malaviya started her passion for surfing in 2007 when he was inspired by a German exchange student. She was then a journalism student at Manipal University.

In 2011, when he realized that the sport was too little known in India, Malaviya formed a surfing club called Shaka Surf with her boyfriend. At that time, her club was one of the first surfing organizations in India.

The Shaka Surf Club operates mainly in the village of Kodi Bengre – on the coast of Konkan – where many fishermen work as fishermen.

The Indian girl founded a surfing club to share her passion for the sport

Although it is a fishing village, many fishermen and children cannot swim. Therefore, Malaviya brought surfing to Kodi Bengre with the desire to help children and people here improve their survival skills when living near the sea.

At first, many people were afraid of exposing their children to a new and somewhat dangerous sport. However, after a lot of advocacy efforts, some parents also agreed to let their children follow Malaviya to learn how to swim and surf.

Despite the differences in languages ​​spoken by people in the Kannada dialect, Malaviya and the children try to understand each other in English in combination with body language.

Super Indian Women debut on the Hindi Olympic Channel platform

The Olympic Channel, the leading internet TV service operated by the International Olympic Committee, has launched a Hindi service for sports lovers around the world.

Fans and users, with the launch of the Hindi language platform, will now have the option to experience the Olympic Channel in Hindi as one of the 12 languages ​​offered on the global digital platform at and its mobile applications.

In addition to the multilingual user interface, fans and users will have the option to experience the Olympic Channel in Hindi and participate in locally-produced daily news, news and features as well as the series. Olympic-themed documentary with emphasis on Indian Athletes, Teams, and Sports.

Coinciding with the launch of the Hindi channel, viewers also got a new four-episode documentary Shakti: Super Indian Women. The original Olympic Channel series featured Indian female athletes Dipa Karmakar, Deepika Kumari, Sakshi Malik and Sandhya Shetty, who faced incomparable obstacles to participate in sports to achieve their dreams.

Having Hindi language available on a global digital platform is an important step in the Olympic Channel: Evolution as we seek to create more personalized experiences for Olympic fans around the world, Mr. Mark Parkman, general manager of IOC Global Olympic channel, said. This is a great way to attract more fans in developing markets and tell great Olympic stories in a way that connects them directly as we build excitement on our way to Tokyo 2020.

To experience the Olympic Channel in a language other than English, users can select the option via the language button in the upper right corner of On the Olympic Channel app, the experience will coincide with the language of the mobile operating system. To choose another language, users should change the operating system language preference on their mobile device.

Offering unparalleled access to year-round athletes and Olympic athletes, the free Olympic channel OTT service is registered worldwide after the 2016 Olympic Games. Through inspiring stories , comprehensive coverage, original programming, live events and exclusive interviews, the Olympic Channel provides fans with a dedicated media platform to follow the sports and athletes they love. Their likes before, during and after the Olympic Games on their way to Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

New simulator with Olympic Movement. The founding partners supporting the Olympic channel are the leading partners around the world Bridgestone, Toyota and Alibaba. Olympic channels are available worldwide at, its mobile applications and on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and the Roku platform.

Top 7 favorite extreme sports in India (Part 2)

Players will have suspense, but in return is the beautiful valley below the surrounding hills.

4. Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon is the best way to experience the vast sky and enjoy the view of the land below. The most adventurous sport in the top 4 helps you explore great perspectives. Even undiscovered perspectives with breathtaking views of the sky.

A hot air balloon ride is also a great activity. It usually applies to some special people in your life who need a connection.

5. Slide the adventure waterfalls

Rafting on the river or strong current is one of the most popular water sports in India.

This adventurous activity helps you reduce your breathing in the wild waters and fill you with a sense of relaxation and adventure.

6. Mountain biking

The mountainous regions of India will be the place for those who love the most adventurous sports to search for and be curious about. You can ride a solo bike or go in a group. When riding a mountain bike in India, you will have a feeling of some wild adventure lingers on.

These beautiful bike trips are surrounded by flora and fauna. Beautiful valleys and hills. Add to that the excitement of mountain biking.

7. Long walks (Trekking)

Panoramic views of mountains, waterfalls, and rivers in India. This is enough for hiking to help you in a good mood. The terrain is rugged and the beauty of the surrounding nature and perfect. Suitable for those who love nature and passion for adventure.

Destinations for Trekking in India

Dodital (Uttarakhand)

Kudremukh Trek

Araku Trek Valley

Siang Valley

Trail Shepherds

Above is the list of top 7 extreme sports in India. Through 7 top adventure sports in destination India. Now that you know which adventure sport is essential to your list! If you have a chance to come to this country, try these sports at least once. We wish you someday have great adventure with these interesting extreme sports!