Five customary travelers need to know before coming to India

Pay attention to the rituals when going to the place of worship, to prevent sexual assault, to accept prying eyes that visitors need to remember before coming to India.

India is seen as a land of mysteries, where many forms of culture and religion coexist and intertwine. Therefore, visitors coming here need a certain understanding to avoid unnecessary nuisance.

Pay attention to etiquette when coming to places of worship

Indians adhere to religion seriously, so if you wear shorts, remember to use a towel and cover your shoulders before going to the temple. Also, always leave shoes outside when entering the place of worship.

Guests need to cover their shoulders and feet before entering the place of worship.

Prepare for difficult things

Overwhelming is often the initial feeling for many visitors. India is a collection of contradictions, not only politics but also culture and architecture. So, don’t be surprised if you see a modern, bustling shopping complex right next to the city’s poorest slum.

Show affection in public

The beauty of scenic spots like Lake Kerala or the Taj Mahal is often easy for couples to flutter about. But think carefully before showing public affection because these actions are often not welcome in India.

Pay attention to your hands and feet

Indians decentralize all parts of the body, the highest is the head and the lowest is the foot. Because the feet are considered dirty, when you enter someone’s house, you must give up your shoes and absolutely don’t step on any objects in the house.

Besides, bowing and touching elderly people’s feet is an expression of respect. Do not use your left hand when eating and do not give anything to others with your left hand.

Curious glances

Staring at someone as impolite in the West is perfectly normal in India. People here are always curious about foreign tourists and they do not hesitate to observe you. Smiling friendly, you will get a smile back. However, do not sacrifice your own safety for being polite, especially for female travelers.