Indian Society and Ways of Living

India has variety in many aspect of social life like ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religion so on. Especially, Indian society makes interesting and valuable for foreigner to discover and enjoy it.

In generally, India has various society because they have difference between urban-rural and gender distinctions, north India and south India as well other factors. Complexities of Indian society contribute to make cultural themes and enhance social harmony.


This country is hierarchical society into people and social groups accordingly. The fact that the government in India is a political democracy, equality seems hardly to refer to daily life.

Hierarchy directly affects to families and kinship groups where men respect and look up to position, job, age or junior relatives. They are always standing in a higher level compared with the women.

Purity and Pollution

Indian society consider that ritual purity and pollution or complex notions will relate to ritual cleanliness or character daily of bathing in flowing water, eating the foods which are proper to one’s caste.

It has involvement between products of death or violence and ritually pollution.

Social Interdependence

People in a family, group or community are close and attached inseparability in these groups. All Indian feel worried and scared when being left alone without social support from someone. So they also have emotional interdependence. Any member feel boring, other can’t relax or watch TV happily.

Therefore people depends on psychology, economic activities and social nexus from when they are kid then it is kept longer and longer in an ongoing relationship.

Family and Kinship

An ideal family is highly valued when several generations are living, working, eating and worshiping together. It is traditional joint household maintained and continued although this nation is modernizing fast and effectively. It’s useful when they live together, they can share and support financial assistance, employment or emotion daily.