Indian sports hero was accused of murder

Sports fans in India have received a shock after the Chennai Supreme Court received a request file to prosecute Paralympic champion Mariyappan Thangavelu for murder.

According to Outlook India magazine, the Ministry of Justice of India on October 13 has put the famous disabled athlete Thangavelu on the list of defendants after the complaint of the victim’s mother Muniyammal. The 22-year-old athlete and some of his friends were charged with assaulting a 19-year-old boy named Satist Kumar, who later died on 3.6. The incident occurred after Kumar accidentally ran a motorcycle into Thangavelu’s brand-new Mahindra, which damaged the steering wheel.

Ms. Muniyammal said that her son lost control of the road due to an accident. Meanwhile, Thangavelu and his friends had previously confessed to confiscating Kumar’s phone after the accident that the young man had to run to get back. Since the incident, Kumar was suddenly missing before being found dead near the train track the next day. The victim’s mother revealed that she had to ask for help from the police to protect her family after being harassed and threatened by Thangavelu and two unidentified people. This mother had to file a lawsuit after the police almost did not act because of a charge against a famous athlete like Thangavelu. 

Thangavelu was honored as the Indian sports hero after winning the gold medal in the Paralympic 2016 AFPChang Thangavelu was honored as the Indian sports hero after winning the gold medal in Paralympic 2016.

The lawsuit shocked Indian sports by Thangavelu, who had previously been honored as the hero of national sport. Because the 22-year-old became the first Paralympic gold medal winner of India since 2004 after winning the men’s T42 high jump at Paralympic 2016. All over the country and become a source of inspiration for fans with the journey to overcome the grim fate to achieve glory. Thangavelu lost his right leg when he was 5 years old after being hit by a bus.