Interesting facts you may not know about India (Part 2)

The dance

Every gesture has a symbolic meaning, the sequence is also very important. The oldest dance is Bharatanatyam, which is over 5,000 years old. Kathakali is a man’s dance. The costumes and makeup are especially complicated, the faces are adorned like masks. Manipuri tune is popular in northwestern India.


You can buy bottled water everywhere. However, it’s hard to find alcohol. In some states, official alcohol is banned but you can buy (illegally) in some hotels and restaurants.

Throughout India’s long history, there are a large number of shipwrecks. There are hundreds of Portuguese shipwrecks on the ocean floor. The sea here can compete with Rio, Ibiza, and Australia. Beautiful sand, clear water, a great atmosphere is all the reason why this place is the choice of many newlyweds.

History -lovers should definitely go to India. In Hampi, you can find the rest of the old cities, palaces, temples, and buildings of different architectural styles. Nearly all of human history is shown here. This is one of the oldest settlements in India and the world, so many tourists come here.


In cafes and restaurants, you should leave 3% to 10% of the tip. Children love pens, candy and coins. Tourists often assume that employees in hotels and cafes are not hospitable. Here, people have to work a lot and that has a negative impact on their mood. Anyway, the locals are always happy to meet you.


Indians are very talented people. About 1,600 films are produced each year. India makes more movies than any other country in the world and Indian films are shown in more than 90 countries.

And some better things. Mobile internet services are very cheap in India. So you can take as many photos as you want and share them with your friends right away. Lunch with chicken or fish costs about 1 USD, a cup of tea costs about 0.2 USD. Food prices are much cheaper than most resorts in the world. In addition, there is no language barrier. India is the second country in the world after the US in terms of the number of English speakers.