Must-see destinations when you travel to India

India is a beautiful country which attract tourists from all over the world. Travelling to India, you can see breath-taking architecture, extraordinary wildlife, captivating culture or other unique culture.

If you have a plan to visit India for your vacation, follow this article to know top must-see destination you can’t miss in India.

1/ Venture through Jaipur

Jaipur is called “Pink City” because it has been a historical story in 1876 when the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited Jaipur. All local decorated pink color to express hospitality and vibrancy. So visiting here, you can enjoy beautiful glow of pink along the architecture of city.

This city organize Kite Festivals in Jan annually which attract many foreign traveler with sense of joy. This festival is considered to bring good luck and prosperity for everyone appearing.

2/ Visiting Delhi

Delhi brings mixture beauty between hustle and bustle of New Delhi and the old markets or rickshaw ride of Old Delhi. It is a true picture about daily life in Delhi which has the largest population in the world.

Visiting Delhi, you also travel to Golden Triangle which is a tourist famous –zone with the dazzling landscape and exquisite architecture.

3/ Wandering to the Himalaya

Himalaya contains many the highest peaks, deep valleys and glaciers. The complex has memorable spots to visit like: Robber’s Cave, Rajaji National Park, Kalanga Monument and Mundali.

There are optional activities to serve tourist like: trekking, jeep safari, skiing, camping, mountain biking or other water sports.

4/ Explore Ranthambore National Park

This park had ever been used for hunting ground of the royal. Until now. Ranthambore is home of wild animals like tigers, leopards, jungle cats, Indian flying foxes so on which are in danger of extinction.

In this park, there is a lake called Padam Talao where grow abundance of water lilies.