Survival tips for India first-time travelers (Part 2)

Stay hydrated

The temperatures in India can get incredibly unbearable dry and hot, so it is extremely important to stay hydrated as the dry heat can knock you down pretty quickly. Stay well hydrated at all times with only bottled water. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day and try to avoid having ice in your drinks. You can also drink fresh coconut water or chai as they are extremely good at digestion, hydrating, boosting electrolytes, and easing upset stomach,

Beware of Fraudsters, Scammers

Travelling to India can be terrifying prospect for even the most experienced of travelers, especially when tourists are always targets of scammers and fraudsters, so the single most important piece of advice is to remain calm. If you’re getting stressed about losing some money or being scammed, plan in advance and book your service through the Ministry of Tourism or trusted travel companies, not people who approach you in the street. Check out the Ministry of Tourism website of India for details information.

Be Safe

Don’t walk or travel alone at odd hours. Don’t carry a large sum of cash around with you. Make a photocopy of your passport remember emergency numbers.

Dress Modestly

Indian is a controversial country, so you should dress modestly, especially when visiting spiritual places like a mosque, temple or other holy places. You should cover your head with a scarf and taking off your shoes before entering.

Getting around

You can travel around India by flights, trains, local buses, taxis, autorickshaws… India has one of the largest railway networks in the world, so you can travel by train to witness the real beauty of India and save a few bucks. Remember to secure your luggage while travel and make bookings in advance. Also, remember that traffic in Indian can be very busy, so leave early to avoid being late.