Most Important Buddhist Pilgrimage Places (Part 1)

Do you know India is home to some of the bigger religions of the world? Among those are Buddism. The Buddha was the greatest spiritual religion of the East and the world. His preachings, philosophy and 4 noble truths were established the foundation for Buddhism, the 4th largest religion in the world. 

The Buddha was born in 563 BCE in Nepal, then spread the Wheel of Dhamma in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Japan, China and all of Southeast Asia. There are several must-visit Buddhist sites in India for spiritual visitors such as Buddhist monasteries and ancient Buddhist cave sites. In this post you will find, the most essential Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India.

Bodh Gaya

This is one of four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the place that the Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, houses the Vajrasana (Diamond Throne), the Mahabodhi Stupa, an 80-foot Buddha statue, a lotus pond, a meditation garden, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Bhutanese, Taiwanese, Bangladeshi, Thai and Tibetan monasteries.


This is where the Buddha delivered his first sermon,  taught people about the four noble truths and eight path and established the Sangha. In Sarnath, there are the Dhamek Stupa at 128 feet high and the relics of other old stupas. The remains of Ashoka Pillar are here, too. Visit the Sarnath Museum to find the lion capital which is the National Emblem of India as well as .several monasteries from other Buddhist nations.


It’s another major pilgrimage site, where the Buddha attained Parinirvana, meanings nirvana after death). The site is mainly visited by devout Buddhist followers and monks, especially to see the Parinirvana Stupa with the reclining statue of ‘dying Buddha’, Ramabhar Stupa is the cremation site of the Buddha and Matha Kuar Shrine features a giant statue of the Buddha.