Top most attractive tourist destinations in India (Part 1)

India – the sacred Buddha land in the minds of each Buddha. With over 5000 years of history, this brilliant civilization along the mystical Ganges River has created so many beautiful cultural heritage for human treasures.

Therefore, the journey to explore this mysterious country promises to contain a lot of interesting experiences for each person. Let’s find out the most attractive tourist destinations in the land of Buddha offline with!

Taj Mahal

Inside the city of Agra in Northern India, there is one of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world that has made a reputation for Indian tourism – the Taj Mahal complex. A special feature that makes the beautiful beauty of Taj Mahal is the color variation in each time of day.

It was the most monumental and magnificent structure in the world because all the materials that made the temple were white marble and precious stones were transported from many parts of the world at that time.

Not only that, the Taj Mahal is a legend about a traumatic love story about its creator – Shah Jahan and his deceased wife. It is this sad love story that contributes to the unique beauty of Taj Mahal – a love poem carved on a rock.

Delhi capital

New Delhi is a great place that any tourist can hardly ignore when traveling in India. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, so every visitor here can feel the harmony between the ancient beauty and the dynamic and modern beauty inside the city.

When visiting the capital, New Delhi, we have the opportunity to admire the rich culture, bearing the ancient history of civilization of the Ganges civilization through the archaeological architecture and monuments that still exist today.

Famous places that make everyone fall in love with the charm of New Delhi are Red Delhi, the tomb of Humayun, Lodhi garden, Presidential palace, Indian Gate.