Top 7 favorite extreme sports in India (Part 2)

Players will have suspense, but in return is the beautiful valley below the surrounding hills.

4. Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon is the best way to experience the vast sky and enjoy the view of the land below. The most adventurous sport in the top 4 helps you explore great perspectives. Even undiscovered perspectives with breathtaking views of the sky.

A hot air balloon ride is also a great activity. It usually applies to some special people in your life who need a connection.

5. Slide the adventure waterfalls

Rafting on the river or strong current is one of the most popular water sports in India.

This adventurous activity helps you reduce your breathing in the wild waters and fill you with a sense of relaxation and adventure.

6. Mountain biking

The mountainous regions of India will be the place for those who love the most adventurous sports to search for and be curious about. You can ride a solo bike or go in a group. When riding a mountain bike in India, you will have a feeling of some wild adventure lingers on.

These beautiful bike trips are surrounded by flora and fauna. Beautiful valleys and hills. Add to that the excitement of mountain biking.

7. Long walks (Trekking)

Panoramic views of mountains, waterfalls, and rivers in India. This is enough for hiking to help you in a good mood. The terrain is rugged and the beauty of the surrounding nature and perfect. Suitable for those who love nature and passion for adventure.

Destinations for Trekking in India

Dodital (Uttarakhand)

Kudremukh Trek

Araku Trek Valley

Siang Valley

Trail Shepherds

Above is the list of top 7 extreme sports in India. Through 7 top adventure sports in destination India. Now that you know which adventure sport is essential to your list! If you have a chance to come to this country, try these sports at least once. We wish you someday have great adventure with these interesting extreme sports!