Tips you should know when travel to India

India is a beautiful country, including culture, landscape, custom and even the local. When travel to India, you can discover a wide range of knowledge about diversity of the human life.

To prepare your trip safely, you should know some special things in India. Following this article to know tips for any foreigner to go to India.

1/ Make plan for your trip before action

India own a various range of bustling destinations without missing attractions. However, they are located along this nation from majestic temples to natural landmarks or beaches and cities. It’s better that you make a plan detail where you should go during travel. You should spend time to explore stunning beauty at some specific landscapes rather than wasting time to travel all places. It wastes time and makes you tired.

There are some famous destinations like recommendations: the Golden Triangle as a taste of classic, Delhi, Agra or Jaipur, the Goa’s coast, Mumbai so on.

2/ Be careful about what you eat

India is a developing country therefore there are many street restaurants. Although it is a special thing in its cuisine but it’s better you should avoid street food carts, including curries and street-side snacks to have a good health for the trip.

In general, the street food carts are not complied with strict health codes of the Government so it can contain harmful components for your body. You only should eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the famous restaurants or hotel.

3/ Book a reliable hotel

We can’t deny that some great cities can be dangerous about safety, security or depriving. So, to avoid being robbed, you should stay in a reputable hotel where they can support for the foreigners to solve all problems related. Good hotels also offer good services about dining, spacious room or English-speaking staff to support you.