Top Things You Should Know Before You Go to India

India is one of the most colorful and cultural nations to visit in the world. Thanks to diversity of culture, custom, tradition and cuisine make India a worthwhile destination for anyone. Before travelling to India, you should know tips to have a perfect trip. The following is top things you should prepare before you go to India.

1/ Printing your visa

When you apply tourist visa to India, you should print out and present to the India government when they require. It is a compulsory step to go board the plane to India and to enter this nation.

2/ Taking your credit card

Please remember to take your credit card which you booked the reservation before. It is a necessary requirement to control your schedule. To avoid loss, you should print it some copies.

3/ Staying in touch but don’t overpay

You should buy a local SIM card to keep contact and use the internet everywhere. It becomes convenient and useful to surf some new information or ask some help from others.

You can make reference some SIM service first. There are various travel SIM card for your choice properly, such as AT&T, AIS…

4/ Staying mobile but exercise patience

You can use ride-share apps for travel. There are some famous apps like Uber and Ola Cabs. You can check easily all delivery fee before booking decision.

In addition, you can take a car, a tuk-tuk or auto rickshaw along the road. But you have to bargain about the fee and clearly point out the destination for driver.

5/ Making schedule detail for your trip

There are some opportunities to attend and visit movies, events and concerts in this country which is considered as the home of Hollywood. So you should make schedule detail about places you want to check in.

You can book yourself via Book My Show web. It is a fantastic way to get places to go as your offer.