Things you should note when first visiting India (Part 2)

Attention in dress

Wearing long pants that cover your arms and legs is a simple way to show respect to the Indian people. They can forgive travelers who haven’t adapted to their culture yet, but you can make a good impression through simple actions like taking off your shoes before going inside. This is especially important when entering a sacred place, such as a temple. Also, if you see shoes placed outside a store, that’s also the sign for you.

Pay attention to the legs and hands

Feet are considered unclean in India, so if you accidentally touch something with your foot you should quickly apologize. Similarly, in Indian people’s conception, using one’s left hand to eat or give things is considered impolite. If you are not sure about the customs here, pay attention to others and follow them.

Remember, the time in India is relative

You may have to wait up to half an hour when your friend says they will be available within five minutes. Traffic conditions and a few other disruptions in India mean that the travel may take longer than expected. Be prepared for unexpected situations and watch carefully opening hours – many government offices and store shops often close at lunch time.

Keep yourself safe

Of course you should not go alone through the dark streets, but there are many simple things you should know to avoid the dangers of traveling in India. Carrying a large amount of cash is certainly not a good idea anywhere, but in the crowded cities of India, pickpockets are a situation like “rice meal”.

Staying safe and calm amid the noise and crowds is always standing in India.

Similarly, haggling when shopping at the market can cause discomfort to the seller and the bid may become out of control. Inexperienced travelers are advised to stay calm. Try to be pleasant but definitive, and never allow yourself to be excited.

Ready with the noise

One way to ensure you can have some space for yourself is to bring headphones with you because nowhere is the buzz everywhere in the cities of India.

Avoid deals that seem too good

Shopping at state stores is probably the easiest way to avoid scams, but simple rules can help you avoid unnecessary hassle on your journey like paying in cash, to avoid credit card duplication scams. You should also pay special attention when sending items home by mail, because in India there will be no voucher and they can completely replace your item with worthless items.