Tips you should know when travel to India

Recently, people tend to travel to India more. The main reason is that it is a natural nation with a variety of culture and tradition to discover. As a hot trend, the young prefer discovering new scenic spots like India.

Although this is an attractive destination, there are some risks or accidents you should know to have a safe trip. Following this article, we share tips must-see when travel to India.

4/ Should bring a camera as necessary item

If you miss pictures at India, your trip becomes less interesting. So many photographers claim that India is a heaven to see and capture great views and landscapes like dreams. You shouldn’t miss this chance to have nice pictures for your memory.

Your camera looks like a small diary to take note amazing moments, new experience as well sweet feeling when you visit India. Even only a little boy picks up fruit and run across may become a nice picture when you see again. Maybe in this trip, you are too busy and surprising to see new views, you can’t feel full beauty of these destinations. Picture or video is a great way to save your mind when you return your home.

5/ Should bring cash

The fact that, almost big supermarkets accept to transfer by credit cards, other small shops or street restaurants only transact by cash. So, it’s better to bring cash during the trip. It’s more convenient to pay for cabs or taxi or foods at markets.

Going to bustling shops should be highly recommended when you come here. It is considered as paradise for lives of the Indian people. However, they only transact by cash.

In addition, paying by Indian currency helps you understand more about kind of currency as well meaning of symbol on it.  

Top Things You Should Know Before You Go to India

India is one of the most colorful and cultural nations to visit in the world. Thanks to diversity of culture, custom, tradition and cuisine make India a worthwhile destination for anyone. Before travelling to India, you should know tips to have a perfect trip. The following is top things you should prepare before you go to India.

1/ Printing your visa

When you apply tourist visa to India, you should print out and present to the India government when they require. It is a compulsory step to go board the plane to India and to enter this nation.

2/ Taking your credit card

Please remember to take your credit card which you booked the reservation before. It is a necessary requirement to control your schedule. To avoid loss, you should print it some copies.

3/ Staying in touch but don’t overpay

You should buy a local SIM card to keep contact and use the internet everywhere. It becomes convenient and useful to surf some new information or ask some help from others.

You can make reference some SIM service first. There are various travel SIM card for your choice properly, such as AT&T, AIS…

4/ Staying mobile but exercise patience

You can use ride-share apps for travel. There are some famous apps like Uber and Ola Cabs. You can check easily all delivery fee before booking decision.

In addition, you can take a car, a tuk-tuk or auto rickshaw along the road. But you have to bargain about the fee and clearly point out the destination for driver.

5/ Making schedule detail for your trip

There are some opportunities to attend and visit movies, events and concerts in this country which is considered as the home of Hollywood. So you should make schedule detail about places you want to check in.

You can book yourself via Book My Show web. It is a fantastic way to get places to go as your offer.

Things you should note when first visiting India (Part 1)

India is a vast country with many different religions and cultures that can make tourists bewildered when they first visit. Here are notes to help you get a smooth ride.

Avoid exhaustion

Up to now the most common complaint from first-time visitors to India is fatigue, just because they try to do so many things, travel so many places in a very short time.

Large India needs a lot of time to explore.

India is a large, colorful and charismatic country, but take a realistic look at your capabilities. A well-planned trip to a few specific locations can give you a more comprehensive and insightful view of these places. And remember, India is still there, you can come back anytime.

Going out of the city

Although it may sound cliché, the only way to get a real experience of India is to visit the small suburban villages. It helps you get rid of the hustle and bustle big cities in India. Take a trip to the mountains or to the Kerala region in the south, you will feel the hospitality and friendliness of the people here.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink

Gastrointestinal disorders are quite common for first-time visitors to India. But it does not mean you have to skip the street food, just peel the fruits and even the food whether it’s boiled or fried. Only drink bottled water and avoid salads or ice drinks.

Public transport in India is always full of people during rush hour

You may end up being pinched on public transport or in an elevator. Indigenous people may ask questions that seem too intrusive in your personal life that can make you feel nervous. However, keep in mind that each country has a completely different culture and their questions are merely to show the polite care they have for you.

Interesting facts you may not know about India (Part 2)

The dance

Every gesture has a symbolic meaning, the sequence is also very important. The oldest dance is Bharatanatyam, which is over 5,000 years old. Kathakali is a man’s dance. The costumes and makeup are especially complicated, the faces are adorned like masks. Manipuri tune is popular in northwestern India.


You can buy bottled water everywhere. However, it’s hard to find alcohol. In some states, official alcohol is banned but you can buy (illegally) in some hotels and restaurants.

Throughout India’s long history, there are a large number of shipwrecks. There are hundreds of Portuguese shipwrecks on the ocean floor. The sea here can compete with Rio, Ibiza, and Australia. Beautiful sand, clear water, a great atmosphere is all the reason why this place is the choice of many newlyweds.

History -lovers should definitely go to India. In Hampi, you can find the rest of the old cities, palaces, temples, and buildings of different architectural styles. Nearly all of human history is shown here. This is one of the oldest settlements in India and the world, so many tourists come here.


In cafes and restaurants, you should leave 3% to 10% of the tip. Children love pens, candy and coins. Tourists often assume that employees in hotels and cafes are not hospitable. Here, people have to work a lot and that has a negative impact on their mood. Anyway, the locals are always happy to meet you.


Indians are very talented people. About 1,600 films are produced each year. India makes more movies than any other country in the world and Indian films are shown in more than 90 countries.

And some better things. Mobile internet services are very cheap in India. So you can take as many photos as you want and share them with your friends right away. Lunch with chicken or fish costs about 1 USD, a cup of tea costs about 0.2 USD. Food prices are much cheaper than most resorts in the world. In addition, there is no language barrier. India is the second country in the world after the US in terms of the number of English speakers.

Free Things to Do in India ( part 1)

Of course, people love free stuff, especially on holiday in a new country. Fortunately, plenty of the best things in India won’t cost you anything at all. Here are the top free things to do in India.

01. Enjoy a Festival

As a spiritual country, there are numerous free festivals that are held throughout the year which offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture at its best. You can experience dancing with Lord Ganesh in the streets during Ganesh Chaturthi fest, throwing colored dust all over people on Holi fest, watching beautiful fireworks displays at Diwali fest, seeing camels converge on Pushkar during the camel fair, and admiring the floral displays during Onam. Each Indian festival is exquisite and unforgettable!

02. Visit a Temple

If you love to join spiritual journey, India’s temples are the perfect choice which is magnificant in their construction, with so much intricate details such as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi, the Haji Ali mosque in Mumbai, the Galta Monkey Temple in Jaipur, Buddhist Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, and so much more.

Besides temples, there are numerous holy Hindu places are free to offer visitors such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Varanasi, etc. And if you visit Ganga, be sure to join the evening candlelit Ganga aarti prayer ceremonies by the river.

03. Admire Indian Art

Art lovers outthere must remember to visit Kolkata – the cultural capital of India where you can find the Academy of Fine Arts on Cathedral Road absorbing which is one of the oldest art societies in India. You can also participate in a fascinating journey through the Gallery of Contemporary Art, and carpet museum. You must also visit Mumbai where home to a dedicated arts precinct called Kala Ghoda (Black Horse), between Colaba and the Fort and art galleries, with the most famous one is the Jehangir Art Gallery. In these galleries, you will find many interesting displayed works by Indian artists.

04. Learn About Indian History

If you are an enthusiastic learner and want to study the history of India, let visit Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi. He is referred to as the “Father of the Nation” who has a special place in Indian history for his efforts in facilitating the country’s freedom. You will be shown the exact spot where Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948, the house where he lived for 144 days up before his passing.
In Mumbai, you can visit the engrossing Mani Bhavan museum where Gandhi stayed from 1917-1934 in which you’ll find the room that Gandhi occupied, his picture gallery, and the terrace where he was arrested on January 4, 1932.

Survival tips for India first-time travelers (Part 2)

Stay hydrated

The temperatures in India can get incredibly unbearable dry and hot, so it is extremely important to stay hydrated as the dry heat can knock you down pretty quickly. Stay well hydrated at all times with only bottled water. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day and try to avoid having ice in your drinks. You can also drink fresh coconut water or chai as they are extremely good at digestion, hydrating, boosting electrolytes, and easing upset stomach,

Beware of Fraudsters, Scammers

Travelling to India can be terrifying prospect for even the most experienced of travelers, especially when tourists are always targets of scammers and fraudsters, so the single most important piece of advice is to remain calm. If you’re getting stressed about losing some money or being scammed, plan in advance and book your service through the Ministry of Tourism or trusted travel companies, not people who approach you in the street. Check out the Ministry of Tourism website of India for details information.

Be Safe

Don’t walk or travel alone at odd hours. Don’t carry a large sum of cash around with you. Make a photocopy of your passport remember emergency numbers.

Dress Modestly

Indian is a controversial country, so you should dress modestly, especially when visiting spiritual places like a mosque, temple or other holy places. You should cover your head with a scarf and taking off your shoes before entering.

Getting around

You can travel around India by flights, trains, local buses, taxis, autorickshaws… India has one of the largest railway networks in the world, so you can travel by train to witness the real beauty of India and save a few bucks. Remember to secure your luggage while travel and make bookings in advance. Also, remember that traffic in Indian can be very busy, so leave early to avoid being late.