Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part2)

If you intend to visit India, you should prepare series of places you will enjoy then set up suitable time for your trip.

The fact, India is large and own series of landscapes, so you can’t checklist enough places in short time. It’s better not to miss some outstanding places must-try in India. Now, we continue to recommend top the best landscape in India for your trip. You can reference to choose some interesting places.

4, The Thar Desert

It is located between boundaries of India and Pakistan. 

Some documents point out that it is about 4000 to 10000 years old, therefore it brings ancient beauties as well historical culture.

It is being spread about 2,00,00 spare kilometers, so it covers a major part of Rajasthan to Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

When coming here, you can explore some historical places like the royal Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur or getting neww experience camel safaris, parasailing, paramotoring, dune basking or quad biking in Jaisalmer. You also can visit the Jallianwala Bagh and the Golden Temple. 

In general, there are vast places to make a tour to the Thar Deset. Coming here, you can see one strange beauty of India which is natural and ancient.

5, The Eastern Ghats

It is located between the Bay of Bengal and the Deccan Plateau, it is an impressive range of mountains for your discovery.

The Eassern Ghats attract vistors by its natural flora and majestic landscapes. 

When visiting here, you can walk or trekking to the Tiger Hills in Darijeeling. It is an interesting experience for any trekker. Then you visit wildlife in Sundarban, explore the Araku Valeey to discover the fresh tea plantations. You also capture scenic views in the Nilgiri Railway or the Dodabetta. There are much more landscapes for your trip.

Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part 1)

India is a special country in Asia because it has rich history about traditions and customs. When you visit India, you can imagine a part about the human life from many years ago. In this article, we will discuss top best landscapes in India which you must-see in your trip to this nation. 

When you check-in the following list, it means you come India.

1, The Himalayan mountain range

The Himalayan mountain is well-known in the global because of the enthralling and natural beauty. 

It is located and stretched in continuous 5 states: Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim. You can feel generous and majestic of the nature.

This mountain range deserves to become one of the hottest spots to discover in India. There are series of entertainment services you can try at there, for example: riding around the Dai Lake by bike, motorbike or ricing cars, or trekking to Triund, river rafting, so on. 

If you are a fan of adventurous trip, you should try it.

2, The Indo-Gangetic Plains

If you don’t like the height, you can choose location in the foothills of Himalayan mountain, it is the Indo-Gangetic Plains which also covers some beautiful landscapes in this nation.

The fact, this place is very large located in other areas like Uttarakhand, Bhutan, West Bengal…

Some outdoor activities you can visit this place like visiting the wildlife at Jim Corbett or trekking around Nanda Devi or even going river rafting in Nameri national part, so on…

The fact, you can combine trip by walking and by sea to discover all landscapes of the Indo-Gangetic Plains.

3, The Highlands

The highlands bring vivid landscapes around India which are completely different from other landscapes.

It’s great to discover the architectural beauty of Gwalior Fort or visit some historical places in Jaipur. It looks royal and ancient.