Top 10 Most Popular Sports in India

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Sports are a vital joy in India. It plays an important role in development of general society as well culture. There are various sports to be popular and famous in India.

This article will introduce you top 10 the most sports in India. Hope that it can widen your knowledge about India

1/ Cricket

Estimated that cricket is the most popular sport in India. There are some legendary cricketers coming from India like: Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar so on.

Cricket is caring by all of walk of life, including: the Government, expert, athlete and fan. So huge money is invested to develop cricket to become the best in the world.

Can list some achievements from cricket like: 2 times for ODI’s World Cup 2 (in 1983 & 2011), T20 World Cup in 2007, ICC Champions Trophy in 2013.

2/ Football

Although the Indian national football team have not yet received outstanding success as other teams like Brazil, French, UK, Italia so on, it maintains the 2nd top for the most popular sport in India. Until 2019. India keeps the 96th in FIFA’s ranking.

The local, especially the man play football as interesting relaxing. In 2017, this country were very proud of organizing the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

3/ Field Hockey

Don’t think negatively that Field Hockey is only famous in UK. Actually, it is the national sport of India. All India people believe and love field hockey most.

In the Olympic when both Indian and Pakistan are host country, they expressed excellently series of field hockey. In this tournament, they had 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals for Field Hockey.

In 1975, they reached the cup in the world cup tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Recently, in 2018, the Indian national women team of field hockey ranked 3rd and the silver medal.