Top best landscapes you should visit in India (Part 3)

Here we continue to checklist some must-see landscapes in India. If you have opportunity to visit here, you shouldn’t miss beautiful destinations like our recommendation as following.

6, The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats is voted for one of the best world heritage sites by UNESCO. It takes pride for the Indian to all foreigner.

It is located on six states and two plateaus which makes biological diversities as well natural beauties. Discovering the Western Ghats will bring interesting experiences for someone loving adventure.

It is spread parallel of the east western coastline. When coming there, you can explore the nightlife in Mumbai, walking caves in Karla and Bhaja or enjoy beaches in Goa in nightlife. 

The fact, there are series of places to discover here. So, you should choose some outstanding destinations for your favorite to save time.

7, The Coastal Plains

Coming India, you don’t not only see beauties in mountains or hills, beaches in there are also beautiful and charming. The coastal plains are one of destination for your trip.

It is combined and exchanged beauty of the western and eastern coastline, so it brings special and enticing landscapes. It is deserved to be an interesting spot for visit.

There are some activities you can explore at here like: kayaking the exquisite backwaters through a boat to explore beautiful beaches along coast of Kumarakom. Then you can visit the Solar observatory or awe-inspiring spots from the ocean to visit stunning coastline or Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari so on.

All landscapes in the coastal plains are romantic and peaceful. You can forget all stress from the busy life. So, it is a deserved destination for people in a long holiday, especially new couples in their honeymoon. Sure that it is a memorial event.