Top most attractive tourist destinations in India (Part 2)

Mumbai shopping paradise

If you are a fan of shopping and love sophisticated, unique handmade products, the city of Mumbai will be an ideal destination. When it comes to Mumbai, the two most impressive things cannot be missed: this is the most populous city in India and also the capital of one of the most famous film industries in the world – Bollywood.

People call Mumbai the name of a shopping paradise because every tourist who comes here will meet many large and small shops specializing in selling typical Indian products at reasonable prices. In addition, Mumbai is also a famous place with countless beautiful landscapes such as Elephanta cave, Malabar hill, Sanjay Gandhi national park, .. and especially the Arc de Triomphe – the symbol of tourism of Mumbai city.

Ajanta cave

Ajanta cave complex, also known as cave temple, will surely be a sacred and unique destination for Buddhists when visiting India. In the most flourishing period of Buddhism, believers used their enthusiasm and skillful artistic hands to create a majestic and marvelous work in every detail. Seemingly forgotten for a long time, the Ajanta cave pagoda once again appeared majestic and sacred in the minds of each Buddha.

In more than 30 large and small caves hidden deep in the jungle on the Deccan plateau, visitors will have the opportunity to contemplate and pay homage to the paintings and statues sculpted about Buddha’s enlightenment path and Indian life. In the past through the philosophy of Buddhism.

Kashmir city

Located in northwestern India, visitors to Kashmir must complain about the dreamy and beautiful beauty of it with the beauty of “heaven on earth”. It is the harmonious combination to the end of nature, history and people that has created such an unbelievably beautiful natural masterpiece.

Upon arriving in the peaceful valley of Kashmir, every visitor will have to “stop breathing” before the snow-covered mountains, sparkling, magical in the winter or feeling lost in the fairyland when cruising on the Srinaga River in the summer. Moreover, this is also a sacred land imbued with the history of the two largest religions in India – Buddhism and Hinduism.